Quotes About Theism

As a novice blogger, I have learned that one may post “pages” of blog-related content. I’ve now posted a page called Quotes About Theism, which includes quotations and comments (mostly positive) about belief in God. I will sometimes discuss these quotes in more detail in my blog, and I’ll add new quotes occasionally. I am also collecting quotes about atheism and agnosticism, which challenge belief in God. These will be posted on other pages during the next few weeks.

At this point most of the quotes on theism deal with unusual concepts of God. I’m also open to adding statements in favor of mainstream Abrahamic ideas of deity. (By Abrahamic religion I mean Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.) If you’d like to submit such a statement (up to 100 words), please include the author you are quoting, the source, and the page number. Thanks.

To check out Quotes About Theism, go to the menu just above this blog title and click on that page. The first couple of paragraphs duplicate what you’ve just read, so scroll down to the first heading, Is God a Person?


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