Finding common ground among those who disagree about God

Welcome to Theists & Atheists: Communication & Common Ground. The main theme of this site will be respectful communication among those who hold various views about God – belief in God, disbelief, agnosticism, ambivalence, and/or bewilderment. I’ll also discuss variations such as Karen Armstrong’s approach – affirming God while denying that God exists. (See her book, The Case for God.)

Although I’ll mostly limit my focus to whether there is a God and what God is like, my suggestions about communication will be relevant to any difference of opinion – disagreements about religion, politics, morality, or any other emotionally loaded subject.

I’ll be keeping my own beliefs in the background, except to say that I like to learn from many faiths and philosophies. Every viewpoint has something to contribute, and nobody has a monopoly on truth.

In my next post I’ll consider guidelines for talking about religion with those who disagree with us, but I’m sure my readers already have good ideas about that. What do you see as key principles of positive communication between those who do and do not believe in God, as well as those who aren’t sure? (Given my theme of respectful communication, rants will be ignored.)

I began a similar blog last year, but did not continue because I was too busy writing a book called Bridging the God Gap. That project is complete, so now I look forward to blogging regularly, and to hearing your creative suggestions for “bridging the gap” between believers and atheists.

Roger, July 14, 2011

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